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The Nintendo Wii Fit and Expectant Mums – Whatever, Next

It was beginning to seem like the Nintendo Wii Fit was everywhere until it came to light that even pregnant women are now taking up the challenge! Yes folks, the bumps are on the boards and daddy is right there to give a helping hand.Lots and lots has already been written about the Nintendo Wii Fit, its specifications, its sales figures, its success and so on, but it came as a bit of a shock to realise that pregnant women are now getting in on the Wii Fit craze and again, with much success.

Just to clarify, I have not come across a woman 9 months pregnant who is using the Wii Fit and you don’t need me to tell you this would be both dangerous and uncomfortable. No, these women are just a few months pregnant and all say they only do light exercise for obvious reasons.By the way, if you’re thinking of using the Wii Fit and you’re pregnant do please check it out first with your Midwife or Doctor because everyone is different and what is right for your pregnant friend may not be right for you.

The good factor regarding use of the Wii Fit is that you can use it for very gentle exercise, perfect for pregnancy and you can take your time and only do what you feel you can do without any pressure.Remember though, the Wii Fit does score you on how you are doing in your exercises but if you’re pregnant then you can be forgiven if you want to ignore it for now.